Paco Contreras


Fashion Art Experience

Mucho Mas Mayo Festival / Urban Art and Media Organisation Festival (UAMO)

Video, 20”

Cartagena 2006 / Munich 2007

This video was inserted on the digital advertising display located at the beginning of the Alameda de San Anton de Cartagena, between other video commercials, and was exhibited throughout the week of the festival, 8 times per hour, from eight in the evening until seven o'clock in the morning.

Photographs of the models belong to the Italian photographer Eolo Perfido, the rest of them are from different authors, and they have been obtained from the internet, being published in different mass-media in their day.

The underlying video corresponds to fragments of recordings made by the U.S. Army during its atomic tests in the desert of Los Alamos (United States) in the forties.

Subsequently some video frames were exhibited in the Urban Art and Media Organisation Festival (UAMO) in Munich, March 2007.

Fashion, cool, flesh!

Photograph of the building where projected advertising videos in which you can see the start of my video Another image of video projection View of the building from the sidewalk adjacent to Corte Inglés Department Store
One of the frames from Fashion Art Experience video The video frame where mix pictures of Condoleezza Rice and the effects of a nuclear explosion on a fake house Photograph of Donald Rumsfeld visiting Iraq and overlapped images of nuclear explosions

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