Paco Contreras


I love this city

Nature amid urban, photo exhibition

Mucho Más Mayo Festival

240 x 180 cm digital printing

Cartagena, 2007

Photograph of the piece I love this city where you can see a wild prickly pear cactus, and at its feet, a rag, a trace of humanity.

Photographic collective exhibition Nature amid urban, coordinated by Pablo Sanchez del Valle, it hung in different window shops of the shops belonging to the merchants association Open Shopping Centre from Cartagena.

The chosen topic was intended to give an account of the interaction between nature and the artificiality of the urban, as sign of what is human.

In images you could check the different senses someone can give to the subject in particular: it had photographs that had perfectly captured the intimate relationship between the Natural and the Urban; there were others related to the animal world as a main point. It could see simple, but at the same time, beautiful landscapes, as well as surrealist and conceptual photomontages

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