Paco Contreras


Far away from home

Consensus/ Nonsense - Urban Art and Media Organisation Festival (UAMO)

A mooring bollard

Munich, 2010

My project consisted of installing a mooring bollard or mooring for boats outside the venue for the UAMO Festival 2010.

The subject matter of the festival was Consensus vs. Nonsense, in my case, the absurd thing of the work was that a mooring bollard located on a street far from the sea had no functionality.

The concept was about disconcerting the public when they encountered a marine element out of place.

It really is a downright piece of nonsense to place a mooring for boats in a location where no boats are ever going to be tied up. For me, it turns the exhibition area into a port where I could moor my fictitious ship, that is, where I could dock my own person; a destination to reach land a few days.

The work may refer us to the series of stopovers that we make in the course of life, not only spatial, but also mentally.

Work at street level. You can see that it is installed on the kerb of the pavement next to a pedestrian crossing Another view of the piece, this time with pedestrians in the background while they cross the zebra crossing Photograph showing the work and the main entrance to the premises of the festival

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