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Still dizzy?

Imagina Festival - Project directed by artist Veronica Perales

Short story printed on 100% recycled paper chlorine-free

Sewed by machine with cotton yarn

Edition of 16 copies

San Javier, 2011

Image of the cover from story's edition

Text of presentation of the project carried out by Verónica Perales

What's in the background?

Indirect narrations of a shared journey.

At the heart of this proposal rests the particularity of a boat trip. The constancy of the horizontal line that separates: what we see and what we can imagine, the North and South of what reaches our eyes. Floating around, as notes taken on a cartography, the particular scheme of the place: population, origin, visible economic activities, secondary economic activities, education,

Detail of the interior of the edition, where you can see part of the text of the piece: Still dizzy?

relations of dependency, the intrusion of the visible and the invisible...

When we look deep in the water we see everything dissolves; a mixture of equal parts of what we see, what we know, what we believe, of what we are.

This boat takes you to the other side. It slides over a line so thin that we might almost say that we are sliding on the Nothingness. And under the Nothingness: the Everything.

The artistic proposal born of this eventual working group is as follows: there will be done a series of

Image of the boat where the prints were put

booklets (handmade manufactured) with short stories written by members of the own Group. These booklets will be put on the boat that it links La Manga with San Javier, in such a way that people who are on board can read them. If someone wants can carry the booklet with them; this stories can be read also in land though the conception of them has been to be read from the sea.

The working group will produce several stories - fictional or real-, that suggest connections between issues that have emerged in the workshop given by Stany Cambot

Inside image of the boat where it was placed the copies of the Edition along with catalogs of the Imagina Festival and information from this year

during the month of March. Issues such as: the segmentation of the districts of San Javier and unequal purchasing power of its inhabitants, insulation or secrecy of protected areas (such as the areas around golf course), the lack of permeability and understanding between different cultures, the Areas Temporarily Autonomous (such as airport), the confluence of different temporalities among the population: the temporary stay at the airport, the seasonal in La Manga or the Golf Resort, the pluri-anual of migrants from the poorest neighborhoods, etc.

The set of literary creations have in common the following aspects:

- They will play with the plural meaning of the question what's in the background? what's in the bottom of the sea? what's in the bottom of the inequality? what's in the bottom of the lack of dialogue?...

- The booklets will be handmade. This aspect refers to care. It is not focused exclusively in the care of people, but to the biosphere (in general), it is a dedication to selfless work, to free love. The work is there, they can be read or not, the reader has no obligations, there isnt a contractual relationship.

- Papers that do not damage the environment will be used (or which minimize environmental impact), non-polluting ink and unbleached cotton thread.

- In the booklet's backcover, there will be a note indicating that they are biodegradable and an estimate of how long would they disappear. It is not to incite the reader to the destruction of the booklet (throwing it into the sea); this article emphasizes on the ephemeral nature of the work, the word volatileness, the impermanence of ourselves.

A woman reading one of the stories

Still dizzy?

Until that day, I had never mounted on boat before and the smell of saltpetre was mixed in my nose with the smoke from the diesel engine.

I remember that my mother paid the two coins of the trip, grabbed my hand and helped me to climb up for gangway.

She was accustomed to the swing of the waves, but I felt that my whole body moved without my permission. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on stopping that movement, to dispel the feeling of nausea that had savoured in the beginning of the throat.

A close voice from a excited boy said something about sea but I resisted to look, didnt want to open my eyes. Another voice, this time femenine , joined the previous and I could hear clearly what she had said:- Yes, there! I see it, it is there! WOOOW!

Unexpectedly, a larger wave than normal shook the boat sharply and the surprise beat the fear which kept me in the dark.

While my vision got used again to the light I could see the silhouette of two children holding on to the metal railing. They were turned to the stern of the boat and between gestures of AWE, they laughed and discussed what they had just witnessed.

Tottering I approached their position and looked towards the place they had pointed out. There was no trace of what they had seen. I kept me attentive to any signal coming from the surface of the sea, but after a while, I got tired and went back with my mother.

- What have you seen? -Nothing... There was nothing.

- What a pity, the trip would have been more exciting if you had something to tell dad... still dizzy?

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