Paco Contreras


Rising place

Imagina Festival

Soil and grass, variable size

San Javier, 2007

View of the piece that stayed in front of the main entrance to the Almansa Park social facilities

This project consisted of the creation of small mounds of soil and grass, or bumps, at the Almansa Park in San Javier.

They were made of local earth and planted with the same grass species that are planted in the selected park area, in order to see mounds as part of the landscape. Due to the special features of the plants, the creation of this artwork required routine management practices such as proper planting, fertilization, and irrigation. These practices were developed within the three

Another view of the piece Rising place

weeks previous to the Festival exhibition.

If a mound would suddenly appear in the landscape, what could it mean?

When humans do not manage it in their own interest, nature spreads everywhere and it spreads out of control, able to regulate itself in a delicate balance, perpetuating itself and surviving in constant evolution, in constant change.

We might wonder whether a park, gardens, a plant in a pot all belong to nature or, on the contrary, they are parts and possessions of the human becoming. We might wonder if they could exist without the man's deliberate contribution. We might think about the way we use nature, the meaning we ascribe to it and its significance, whether it is real or imagined.

Photomontage featuring a few golf players who observe large spheres shaped golf balls Photography where you can see that the place of the intervention limits with one of the margins of the Almansa Park Overall picture of the mounds that were part of the intervention

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