Paco Contreras


Inside the maze

12 x 17 meters public intervention at D. Carlos country house

20 kg. of calcium hydroxide powder


General view on piece Inside the maze

This piece represents a design of a maze and it was made with 20 kilos of calcium hydroxide (white lime) in the natural surroundings of the country house of D. Carlos, in the town of Blanca during the International Landscape Workshop, which was held there in 2009.

The design of the labyrinth does not provide an entry or an exit that allow us resolving it, I mean, leaving their limits, and therefore it denies its usefulness both symbolic as playful.

The plot plan of that future useless building and its placement on a more or less natural land, aimed at growing, speaks of the human relationship with its surroundings as a maze-like relation in what it is difficult (or impossible) to find a correct solution. At the same time, I also am talking about urbanism, public works and territorial planning which threaten and destroy natural landscapes such as coasts, mountains, the beds of the rivers...

A moment of the creation of the maze Viewpoint from one of the corners of the maze

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