Paco Contreras


Blanca. Landscape in the memory

Multi-channel video,15´34´´

In close collaboration with Pep Antón Clua Monreal y Roberto Martínez


Video made during the International Workshop of Landscape in Blanca in 2008, as a result of my participation in the workshop held by Francesc Torres entitled History as landscape. Topography of memory.

It is based on the concepts of landscape as a creation of the human being, as a result of becoming aware of the space in which inhabits, and on the ability of rememorizacion of the one or of the lived landscapes.

The stage where the images were recorded is the bank of the Segura River as it passes through the town of Blanca.

I chose the only participants of the workshops that were foreign: Cristina Ataíde from Portugal, Netally Schlosser from Israel, Ruth Sacks from South Africa and Patricia Freire from Brazil.

I asked the four participants about recover from their memories a landscape from their birthplaces (so different from one another), that landscape in which they lived or still living, to contrast it to the landscape of the town of Blanca where the workshop was developing and to make a wish for the future of these landscapes.

I asked them talking at the camera in their mother tongue because I wanted that the spectator may not understand their messages, and without a translation might be the sound and the context of the recording, both of them those which wake up the memory of the landscape in the spectator.

Frame from Blanca. Lanscape in the memory videoOtro fotograma del videoFinal credits

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