Paco Contreras


Mr. Shop

Mucho Más Mayo Festival. Cartagena, 2007 / Urban Art and Media Organization Festival. Munich, 2008 / 2008 Culture Project (European Year of Intercultural Dialogue) Madrid, 2008

Web design - 2007

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Mr. Shop is a big LIE, as with so many things in life.

Mr. Shop is also an art project.

The premise is to offer a range of products and concepts whose sale is surrealistic since they do not have a real price, they are ethereal or they are banned.

The aim is to provoke a reaction from the viewer/reader to our daily life, the world around us and the value we put on things and ideas.

The intention is to make it through a commercial web where the viewers might wonder why those values are given. In fact, they might wonder about the need to reflect on their views of the world.

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Photomontage of one of the products for sale supposedly on the web: beauty creams based on vegetable creams Gadgets, item for sale on the web Image of the presentation of the project Mr. Shop during the UAMO Festival 2008 in Munich

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