Paco Contreras


From this side

One-day exhibition supporting The World AIDS Day

52 meters of white duct tape

Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia 2002

Image of the Virgin's Square in Valencia where you can see the Basilica of the Mother of God of the Helpless, patron saint of the city

This intervention is about invisible barriers, limits. I wanted to talk about borders, that non-places around which life organizes.

So I drew a white line made with adhesive tape which divided into two halves the Virgin's Square in Valencia city. It started from one of the doors of the Basilica overlooking the square, the left one which is normally used for entering the temple; and it ended on the other side of the square, at the feet of the statue of Archangel St. Michael slaying the dragon.

Photography taken from the door of the basilica at a time where there were many people as a result of they were in a wedding

I chose these two points because of its significant character: the Basilica door gives access to a sacred place and refers to the position of the Catholic Church about the issue of AIDS and condom use.

At the other end, the line reached the statue of Archangel St. Michael. The statue symbolizes the good defeating to evil, the man defeating the beast, or brought to the context of the call, the defeat of the disease. It is also a border although it still not overcome.

Showing those limits, I intended to show our doubts, to show the uncertainty of our lives in the future. The demarcation of a border, raise a limit so ephemeral as real, intended to make reflect the viewer-pedestrian regarding how easy that is to cross that line, that border, both in the field of HIV, as in other contexts.

A certain moment of process where were helping me a couple of friends Photography of the last meters of the line arriving at the door of the basilica You can see in the image that there were many people who were guests to a wedding which it took place that day in the Basilica. Floor stayed filled with grains of rice. Image of statue of Archangel St. Michael slaying the dragon

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