Paco Contreras


R.R.P. (retail price)

Retroiluminados group exhibition / Arte Urbana pra Intervencao group exhibition

Backlight print, 175 x 120 cm

Cartagena, 2005 / Lisboa, 2005

Photomontage showing an ordinary stone which I added a label with a price

In this piece, I intend to merge two topics together that are important to me: on the one hand the world of commerce, business and the commercialization of everything around us; and on the other hand, nature, the natural environment and the air we breathe, the earth we tread and the water we drink: what we call the Biosphere.

Nature is less and less natural; pollution occurs when it is trodden under foot of men, maybe not in a physical way, but in a visual one. We recognize nature as the home of our ancestors and yet we yearn to return to it, return to the heavenly Eden, to the Greek Arcadia. But that dream paradise does not exist anymore.

That paradise is on sale now and it has quickly become like gold dust: they sell a copy. This fake and stereotyped imitation is valid worldwide so that all citizens of all countries can recognize it and desire it.

Nature has become an object of commerce with the potential added value, and that is the reason why the stone shown in this work carries a retail

Photomontage of the image installed in an urban fitment Previous sketch of the piece

price tag.

The aim is to arouse a response from the viewer to the absurdity of a stone on sale. Furthermore, I would like to remind that nature belongs to all of us equally, and it is our duty to preserve it and to manage it, even though we have to delegate that responsibility to our political representatives.

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